Why Natural Collagen Cannot Be Applied Directly to Your Skin

Why Natural Collagen Cannot Be Applied Directly to Your Skin

We have all heard the importance of collagen when the idea comes to the fight against aging. The key words are natural collagen not synthetic or animal collagen. Advertising executives take great liberties when the idea comes to selling anti aging creams and also also also lotions. Buyer beware is actually the phrase of the day!

The reality is actually in which we do need collagen. We need the natural collagen in which our bodies produce all by themselves. We use This particular protein in our bones, nails, hair, joints and also also also skin. the idea is actually crucial inside fight against aging because the idea keeps our skin firm and also also also wrinkle free. The problem is actually in which as we get older our body naturally slows down production of This particular protein. This particular is actually why we start getting sagging skin and also also also wrinkles.

Skin care companies want you to believe in which you can simply rub on their cream and also also also suddenly put collagen back into your body. This particular couldn’t be further by the truth! Natural collagen cannot be absorbed through the skin, the molecules are simply too large. the idea is actually a physical impossibility. No matter how much they try to convince you otherwise, you will not put collagen into your skin by simply using a cream or lotion, period.

You can however, stimulate the body to start producing more collagen by using specific ingredients in creams or lotions. This particular is actually a major difference, and also also also actual truth. The problem here is actually in which most companies don’t use the ingredients in which can stimulate your system in This particular way.

You need to be using Cynergy TK, as This particular has been scientifically proven to enhance production naturally. This particular is actually an expensive ingredient which is actually why most manufacturers have yet to start using the idea in their products. Do some research online and also also also you will find the few companies in which do use Cynergy TK and also also also you can produce natural collagen and also also also stave off wrinkles for not bad!

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