How A Lung Cancer Foundation Assists Patients And Fight The Condition

There Are Several Lung Cancer Foundation Organizations Dedicated To Assisting Patients And Fighting The Condition.

The number of networks providing for and giving support to cancer victims allows for a far more comfortable experience with cancer, as well as a greater amount of research towards finding treatments or even cures.? A lung cancer foundation can take many forms -- from private enterprises to global charities -- but all are committed to developing strategies for combating cancer as well as providing much needed aid to patients.? All are in solidarity that public perception of the cancer must change in order to make any major advances going forward, as too many Americans die due to a stigmatized health problem.

Perhaps the most famous agency is the Lung Cancer Foundation of America, known as LCFA.? This organization is on the forefront of addressing crucial concerns of both doctors and patients dealing with cancer.? Founded only a decade ago, the LCFA made a profound (and controversial) claim that the reason this cancer claims so many victims is that there is so little research and funding available to combat its advance.? Too many doctors give up on a "smoker's habit" and too few hospitals are willing to provide the resources necessary to their oncology departments in order to properly treat patients.? Since their inception, the LCFA has grown into one of the largest non profit charities in the US, and is constantly on the lookout for both private and government sponsors of their messages and research.

The American Lung Association is less directed towards all out cancer work, but boasts a much larger network of employees and funding ties.? The ALA is one of the nation's strongest proponents of cracking down on airborne pollution, working to install greater environmental laws in states across the nation and providing assistance in areas where people live in hazardous conditions.? The ALA does take cancer seriously, however, offering a variety of information and assistance for testing, treatment, and research.? With a greater following across the country, an organization like the ALA enjoys much more resources and contacts compared to smaller, locally based cancer foundations.

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